Intermediate Backup Guitar – Pam Borso

Prerequisites: Ability to play basic chord formations in A, C, D, E, & G comfortably.

Styles/tunes taught: Most fiddle tunes: Hoedowns, Jigs, Waltzes, Rags, and others.

Course objectives: We will learn bass runs from the beginning including 1,2,3,4, & 5 note runs into other chords in all the basic keys. We will explore dynamics of what makes a good back up musician, including chord positions and substitutions, and rhythm styles. We will learn basic music theory. Explore how to play in a jam and figure out what the next chord is likely to be even if you don’t know the tune.

Materials provided: Numerous printed tunes and practice CD.

2 thoughts on “Intermediate Backup Guitar – Pam Borso

  1. Larry Bachko says:

    This is Larry again. I am a friend of Sheila Wright and she thinks I am ok enough to take this class. What do I need to do to sign up? Larry.

    • Corrine Agnew says:

      Hi Larry, Registration opens the first Monday in April (April 5th). Make sure you have your WOTFA membership current by going to and you will get updates via email on the Fiddle Camp. Hope to see you soon!

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