Beginning Banjo – John April

Prerequisites: You will need a 5 string banjo, banjo strap, capo and music stand.

Style: The specific genre is Scruggs and Melodic banjo, right hand technique will be taught. Most of the tunes we learn will be standard bluegrass banjo with some fiddle tunes. We will also cover different banjo tunings. We will start with up picking so that you can establish rhythm before moving on to frailing.  Also will show standard right hand rolls with associated chording.  In addition, will show some scales so you can get the right and left hand technique going.

This class builds on what was covered the previous day so that by the end of our session you will have the knowledge to work on your own. My focus is to teach you to play music at your own pace.

You will receive a booklet of tunes written in tablature for you to practice on your own.

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