Singing & Moving Kids (Ages up to 8) – Catherine Graham

Description: The pom-poms (and other instruments) are back with even more songs and tunes! Your preschooler or primary-aged child will enjoy a morning of music-based play. We’ll sing, we’ll dance, and we will see just how many things we can do with a pom-pom. We’ll also read some books and play outside. Prerequisite: Toilet training. Diapered children are fine so long as they are accompanied by a parent. (You can accompany your toilet-trained child, too, but you don’t have to.) Children of all ages are welcome, just like last year. Style: N/A. I like fiddle tunes. I also like Beethoven and Handel. There will be music. Materials Needed/Provided: I’ll provide instruments, wet wipes, and read-aloud books. You provide children and anything they need to be successful (water bottle, blankie, sun hat . . .)

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