Mini Workshops offered in 2022:

Traditional Tunes for Nontraditional Instruments – Katie Gotshall  MONDAY

Pack your trumpet, flute, saxophone, bassoon, zither, hurdy gurdy, or whatever instrument you have stashed in the closet and have been afraid to play with other old time groups.  We’ll talk about the logistics of transposing, the technicalities of playing with quiet string groups, and how to embellish and add color to traditional old time groups.  We’ll include a mini tune book of 20 Reels, Jigs, Hoedowns, Squares, and Waltzes, pre-transposed for F, Bb, and Eb instruments.  Traditional instruments (Fiddles, Mandolins, Guitars, etc) and instrumentalists are definitely welcome too!

Slow Jam – Doug Coppinger & Romy Freier-Coppinger  MONDAY & TUESDAY

Are you new to jamming or playing, or maybe you are looking for something a little laid back after a day full of classes.  Join us Monday & Tuesday for a slow jam.


Back-up Piano – Louise Steinway  TUESDAY

Learn the fundamentals of piano back- up.  Piano playing experience required.  We will learn the chords and rhythms to back up standard fiddle tunes on the piano.  We will start with common fiddle tune keys: A, D, G and C.  We will learn left and right hand pattern for various rhythms, such as reels, jigs, waltzes, and two-steps, while maintaining a steady tempo!  And we will go over playing by ear (hearing the chord changes) and how to read chord charts.  **Bring a set of headphones if possible


Beginning Swing – Pam Borso  WEDNESDAY

Are you curious about Swing?  Join Pam for a peak into the fun of Swing tunes.


Music in the Modes – Barry Cole  WEDNESDAY

Flattening a square gives a new shape. Similarly, reusing a set of notes from a scale creates a new tone center
or mode. We will focus on modes based on the G major scale. This consists of the notes {G A B C D E F# G}
and chords {G Am Bm C D Em}. The order and prevalence of notes from this scale and the harmonizing chords
are based on the tone center, and determine the mode. If we drone on a single chord, the root chord of the mode
will sound best for harmonizing the melody. Modes work equally well for diatonic and chromatic autoharps.

Beyond Beginning Swing – Pam Borso  THURSDAY

Cheap tricks to dazzle your friends.  Bring a song you want to improve upon beyond the basics.


Old Time Tunes with a Twist – Mark Gaponoff   THURSDAY

Mark has been playing fiddle for over 50 years.  Played for and called square dances and cloggers in the Seattle area, and taught in various venues, including UW Experimental College and Pt. Townsend Fiddle Tunes.  Likes to play driving dance tunes with an Appalachian flavor, but can slow things down fairly accurately.  Composed a few tunes, “Wooden Nickel” is the best known.


Please email if you would like to teach a “Mini Workshop” in 2022