Classes being offered in 2019:


Class Title: Beginning Ukulele I
Instructor Name: Christie Easter
Class Description:  Beginning Ukulele I is for everybody!  Come  have some fun and learn the basics of Ukulele playing.  We will cover the different Uke types and sizes as well as tuning,a  basic strumming  pattern or two and  chords in the  key of C and maybe  G.   There will be handouts for GCEA ukes (soprano, concert, tenor and banjolele) as well as for Baritone ukeulele.   By the end of class  we will be playing and singing a simple tune like ‘You Are My Sunshine’ or  ‘Oh Susanna’.
Class Title: Clawhammer Banjo – Day 2
Instructor Name: Kyle Peterson
Class Description:  Who’s got it?  Students will have a chance to demonstrate their technique and practice some variations (hammer-ons, slide, percussive effects).  We can talk about alternative tunings, but time is too short to experiment.  If everyone seems to be seized by the virus, then we may be able to do a song or two, like “Skip To My Lou” or the beautiful “Nellie Gray.”  As I remember, it took me about three months to figure out how to do a basic frailing technique, but I didn’t have anyone to teach me and had to figure it out from a recording.  Hopefully, this class will decrease the time necessary for the students to master the technique.  I want everyone to have fun and learn something, whether you decide to head for Appalachia or not.
Class Title: Old-Time Slow Jam – Day 2
Instructor Names: Doug and Romy Coppinger
Class Description:  Do you know a handful of standard fiddle tunes, but are hesitant to join a jam?  Have you shown up to a jam, but became frustrated because the pace was too fast or the tunes obscure?  Uncomfortable starting a tune?  Then this is the jam for you.   Not so much a class, but an actual Old-Time slow jam.  We’ll play a selection of common fiddle tunes at a slow to moderate tempo.  The first session, we’ll pick and start all of the tunes.  The second session, we are open to tune suggestions (fiddle tunes only), but prefer to start them to keep control of the tempo.  We’ll try to provide assistance with chord progressions for those playing backup.  All instruments are welcome.   You can still join Day 2 even if you missed Day 1.
Class Title: Reading Musical Notation for Flat and Sharp Beginners
Instructor Name: Terry Sawyer
Class Description:  Introduction to music notation.   We will examine middle C as an anchor point for thinking about the staff and expand that concept to reading musical phrases.
Class Title: Singing while fiddling
Instructor Name: Barry A Cole
Class Description:  I will talk about and demonstrate some of the difficulties and tips & tricks of playing fiddle and singing.  This will be  the occasional chorus in a dance tune, and also full songs.  I will show options for holding  the fiddle, doing fingering, bowing, and singing together, adjusting singing and playing volume, and how to learn songs.  I do a style with mostly unison & harmony notes,  where the fiddle does not stop as vocals are sung.  We will learn a song together.
Mini Class Title: Bygone era songs for ukulele
Instructor Name: Ed Goldstick

Mini Class Description:  This workshop will be some songs of my grandparents time played on ukulele with singing. I’m an old guy now, so that era is long past, but not forgotten.