Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle – Denice Carter AM

Prerequisites: Able to (or interested in) learning by ear. Comfortable with and open to, instruction of fiddling basics and skills beyond those you may have experienced before.

Styles/tunes taught: Tunes taught are tailored to each groups skill development needs.  Old Time tunes taught as a vehicle to work into Texas Style.  Twin swing may also be introduced depending on class interest and skill levels.

Course objectives:
● Improvement of Intonation through left hand techniques and ear training.
● Understanding note patterns as a tool to easily learn tunes by ear.
● Development of solid rhythm and understanding of how to “drive” your rhythm.
● Understanding correct bowing as it applies to the style.
● Build confidence through mastery.
● Have fun through positive learning and experiencing new ways of thinking and developing your fiddling!

All objectives will be presented as they apply to skill level and musical understanding.

Materials provided: Some sheet music or tablature may be provided at the end of the week digitally. (With the exception of twin parts, which I will print up) Helpful tracks for listening and learning will also be available digitally.
Recording devices and a way to access the internet, strongly RECOMMENDED.

My techniques for teaching have been developed over 40 years of providing a robust Suzuki and Texas Style Fiddling program. We refer to it as “Suziddle” as each discipline of learning and teaching techniques support and build on one another. This way of presenting musical education is consistent and systematic. My hope is that all students come away feeling accomplished and excited about learning!

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