Intermediate Fiddle – Ruthie Dornfeld AM

This class is open to anyone who already has some experience on the violin, whether it’s one year or 20, and is comfortable in the keys of D, G, and A. I’ll be teaching by ear, so some experience learning that way would be helpful.
Styles/tunes taught:
You’ll learn a variety of tunes from across America – from Appalachia, New England, Texas, the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest
Course objective:
Learn a varied repertoire of tunes by ear.  Find ways to remember a tune so you can lead it in a jam session.  Learn some common bowing patterns and left hand ornamentation that affect style. Learn about general techniques, such as the most efficient way to practice, how to stay relaxed and avoid pain, and improve your ear.
Materials Provided:
Mp3 recordings of all tunes taught
PDFs of sheet music for all tunes – though in class I will focus on playing by ear, so please don’t bring music to class.

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