Back-up Piano – Louis Steinway

Learn the fundamentals of piano back- up.  Piano playing experience required.  We will learn the chords and rhythms to back up standard fiddle tunes on the piano.  We will start with common fiddle tune keys: A, D, G and C.  We will learn left and right hand pattern for various rhythms, such as reels, jigs, waltzes, and two-steps, while maintaining a steady tempo!  And we will go over playing by ear (hearing the chord changes) and how to read chord charts.  Bring your own keyboard.

This class will be a three day class held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  It is free to those that are members, just like all the other mini workshops, but due to the limited space and nature of the class, registration is required.

2 thoughts on “Back-up Piano – Louis Steinway

    • Corrine Agnew says:

      Mini workshops start at 4 (30 min after classes get out) and goes till 5. Yes, you can take a mini in addition to a full week of class.

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