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Intermediate Fiddle – Louise Steinway PM

This class is for students who feel comfortable playing a variety of basic fiddle tunes in a jam or on stage. Style/tunes taught: Canadian and American Old-time, Scottish and Bluegrass. Our objectives will be to help you expand your repertoire of standard fiddle tunes AND attempt a few challenge tunes.  The repertoire of standard tunes […]

Intermediate Fiddle – Sheila Wright – PM Class

Tunes will begin on a level comparable to Arkansas Traveler, Me & My Fiddle, Ramona Waltz, Dreamers Waltz, and Pig Ankle Rag. In addition to some great new tunes, we’ll also be learning more about bowing, triplets, positions, double stops, and adding “pizzazz” to your playing.  We’ll also touch on basic theory to help you […]

Beginning Swing Guitar – Pam Borso – PM Class

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with playing chords smoothly.  You will be learning all new chords if you have never played closed, swing chords before. Styles/tunes taught: Traditional swing tunes, Western swing tunes, some rags, blues and country tunes Course objectives:  Want to unravel the circle of 4ths and 5ths? This introduction to Swing Guitar will teach […]

Beginning Mandolin – Shawn Hughes – PM Class

Necessities: Mandolin and picks, tuner, pen or pencil, recording device (phone works), notebook. In this class we will learn the basics of the mandolin as well as learning basic chords and melodies to play fiddle and bluegrass tunes.  We will also learn how to play and jam when you’re first learning to play mandolin.  This is a beginning class so […]

Intermediate/Advanced Fiddle – Mabel Vogt – PM Class

Fiddlers with considerable  experience and familiar with many jam tunes will practice techniques for playing  tunes with less common chords, more advanced bowing patterns, double stops, 2nd or 3rd position, double shuffle or  variations on the melodies.  Sound recordings will be downloadable and transcriptions will be handed out, but not used in class. I’ll show […]

Advanced Beginning Fiddle – Leah Brass – PM Class

I like to teach tunes that highlight techniques that need to be learned. Playing on your finger tips, right arm levels, correct left and right hand positions are needed to make tunes sound the best they can. I will also cover tips on how to practice to get the most out of time spent. Tunes will […]

Advanced Mandolin – Tom Moran – PM Class

Be able to comfortably play the melody to several fiddle tunes that occur in different keys. Basic understanding of chord progressions, chords and rhythm playing.  A rudimentary knowledge of music theory is helpful but not required. The emphasis will be on (1) adding to your repertoire of tunes from old time, bluegrass, and other traditions […]

Intermediate Mandolin – Isaac Callender – PM Class

Knowledge of basic chord shapes and simple melodies. In this course we will explore moveable chord shapes, some common bluegrass and old time melodies and how to take your backup and lead playing to the next level. We will cover right and left hand techniques and how to apply those to your existing repertoire. Tunes […]