Beginning Swing Guitar – Pam Borso – PM Class

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with playing chords smoothly.  You will be learning all new chords if you have never played closed, swing chords before.

Styles/tunes taught: Traditional swing tunes, Western swing tunes, some rags, blues and country tunes

Course objectives:  Want to unravel the circle of 4ths and 5ths? This introduction to Swing Guitar will teach basic theory as applied to standard swing, western sing and blues tunes. It is primarily a rhythm guitar class. We will start with basic open chords, learn some closed and moveable chords and even passing chords. We will learn key, chord and tune structure.  You do not have to read music. We will be using chord charts.

Materials provided:  Music for tunes covered in class, including chord diagrams, and a practice and source material CD.

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