Intermediate Fiddle – Louise Steinway – AM Class

This class is for students who feel comfortable playing a variety of basic fiddle tunes in a jam or on stage.
Style/tunes taught: Canadian and American Old-time, Scottish and Bluegrass.
Our objectives will be to help you expand your repertoire of standard fiddle tunes AND attempt a few challenge tunes.  The repertoire of standard tunes are tunes that are played at jams and for dances; reels, jigs, waltzes, polkas and 2-steps. They are mostly in the keys of G, D, A and C.  We will go a step beyond just playing the notes of these tunes by focusing on tempo, rhythm, timing and maybe adding a double stop or ornament to make the tunes more danceable and enjoyable to listen to.  Bring a positive attitude, be prepared to work and have fun!
Materials provided: Music notation, and tab if needed, will be provided at the end of the week along with links to videos of myself playing the tunes.

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